This session will provide an opportunity for the multi-stakeholder community to briefly exchange about the crucial role of existing confidence building measures (CBMs) in the normative framework of cybersecurity and their effectiveness in reducing the risk of misunderstandings and conflict; categories/types of CBMs and significance of UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) in formulating recommendations for CBMs at a global level. Participants can also discuss possible options for adopting additional CBMs at a global level; have an exchange of best practices.The session will open with presentations and kick-off remarks from co-chair partners. The following discussion will be guided by a set of questions circulated to participants closer to the date.Presentations by state and non-state co-chairs will address the following topics:- How do regional organizations approach the development in implementation of CBMs at the regional level? What are the fundamental similarities and differences?- What did OSCE and OAS deliver in terms of CBM implementation and cross-regional information exchanges? Views of non-governmental stakeholders.- With respect to the draft “CBM” section of the OEWG pre-draft report (points 45-52), are there any notable omissions, or statements with which you disagree? The role of non-state actors, NGOs, tech companies, etc. in the implementation of CBMs, the outreach activity of international organizations towards them.After an open discussion with participants, wrap up and next steps.