The current Open-ended working group (OEWG has provided UN Member States with an open and inclusive forum to discuss international cybersecurity. Identifying regular mechanism to continue dialogue on this subject is an urgent priority and may represent one of its most significant outcomes.This session will invite discussion and inputs from non-governmental stakeholders on the topic of regular institutional dialogue in the spirit of the OEWG mandate. This includes consideration of different possible types of frameworks and institutional settings in which the international community can continue to address the issue at hands; as well as forms of meaningful participation and dialogue for non-governmental stakeholders within them.The session will open with kick-off remarks from its co-organisers. Questions will be circulated to participants in advance in order to guide their contribution, to reflect on the current status of this topic within the OEWG but also look to models and examples from other fora. This will be an interactive, dialogue-oriented session. Participants are encouraged to be ready to go beyond prepared remarks and engage in discussion with one another during the session.