The European Union Cyber Diplomacy Initiative – EU Cyber Direct project – joins forces with the Belgian Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs and numerous research institutions and civil society organisations around the world to organize the second edition of the Closing the Gap Conference. This two-day conference aims to explore more rigorously one of the key concepts in the international debates about peaceful use of cyberspace: responsibility. The organisers have launched a call to all interested authors to submit paper proposals on topics linked to the main theme of the conference: (i) different conceptualisations of responsibility in cyberspace; (ii) exploration of narratives and practices regarding responsible behaviour in cyberspace; (iii) mechanisms and tools for promoting responsibility in cyberspace, including rules and principles of international law applicable to cyber behaviour, norms of responsible behaviour in  cyberspace; and (iv) the role of non-state actors in shaping the framework(s) of responsible behaviour.

The organisers are particularly interested in paper proposals which approach the field in ‘out of the box’ ways and which critically engage with existing policies and frameworks in a constructive, imaginative, and substantively well-informed manner. Interested authors are invited to submit their 500 words abstracts by 14 March 2022. More information about the call for papers as well as further guidelines can be found here.