On 28 February 2022, the negotiations for the Ad Hoc Committee to elaborate a UN cybercrime convention (Cybercrime Treaty) began in New York after being delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The first substantive session of the Cybercrime Treaty negotiations are taking place until 11 March 2022. The Russian Federation, as the chief proponent of the process submitted a draft proposed treaty in July 2021, in which it seeks to expand the 2001 Budapest Convention’s 9 categories of internationally designated cybercrimes to 23 specific crimes. The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, however, will likely have a negative effect on the negotiations, as several actors – including the European Union, Australia, and Canada – have already expressed their criticism towards Russia’s violations of the UN Charter. While registration for multistakeholder participation is now closed, interested parties can follow the discussions on the Ad-Hoc committee’s webpage as well as on UN WebTV. A full list of all submissions from Member States related to the first session of the Ad-Hoc Committee can also be found on its webpage, including the positions of Australia, Canada and the European Union and its Member States.