Multistakeholder Manifesto on Cybercrime Widens its Reach, Now Available in 6 UN Languages

On 9 December 2021, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord and CyberPeace Institute published a translation of its Multistakeholder Manifesto on Cybercrime into the six official UN languages. The Manifesto, originally published in English and French in September 2021, stresses that the international community should avoid any duplication of efforts and should focus on strengthening the implementation and enforcement of already established frameworks. It further lays out a set of principles and processes for states to protect rights and liberties which include: focusing on protecting the victims and associate accountability mechanisms; clarifying the scope of the negotiations and limiting to actual cybercrime so that it does not endanger the open and free internet we know today; ensuring that the outcome does not put existing commitments, such as those enshrined in the 2004 Budapest Convention into doubt; creating opportunities for the private sector and civil society to participate in the negotiation process and making sure the process is as transparent as possible; and agreeing that decisions are taken by consensus and not unilaterally.

The Manifesto is now available in Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian, as well as English and French, on the website of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord.