OEWG Chair Shares Instructions for OEWG Accreditation to be Submitted by 24 May 2022

With an agreement reached on modalities for stakeholder participation, the OEWG Chair has shared an Aide-Memoire for Non-Governmental Organizations and Other Non-Governmental Entities with clear instructions on how to submit a request for accreditation, which can be found here. The document includes a useful guide providing an overview of the process and the necessary steps to be taken to be considered for accreditation.

All requests for accreditation will need to be received by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs by 24 May 2022. Accreditation requests should be submitted via this link. In addition, stakeholders must submit to Ms. Katherine Prizeman (prizeman@un.org) of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs a written accreditation request, on official organization letterhead, containing:

(1)     information on the organization's purpose;

(2)    information on the organization's programmes;

(3)    an overview of past interactions, if any, between the organization and the United Nations, particularly in relation to the scope of the meeting.

Organizations that receive accreditation will be considered accredited for the remainder of the OEWG’s mandate until 2015. For each substantive session, a new round of accreditation will be launched for interested stakeholders to apply. A full overview of the accreditation process can be found here.