The UN Open Ended Working Group on developments in the field of ICTs in the context of international security (OEWG) will hold its second substantive session between 28 March and 1 April 2022. Despite several rounds of informal meetings between the Chair, H.E. Ambassador Burhan Gafoor, and states, no agreement on modalities for stakeholder participation has been found and negotiations are currently at a standstill since several Member States lead by the Russian Federation, broke a silent procedure on proposed modalities dating 18 January 2022. As a reminder, the OEWG 2021-2025 is tasked with studying existing and potential threats to information security, and possible confidence-building measures and capacity building.

Tentative dates for informal consultative meetings with stakeholders to be convened by the Chair of the OEWG, have been scheduled for 24 March and 21 July 2022. Additional details, including a registration link, for the informal consultative meeting will be posted on the OEWG’s webpage. The Chair also intends to convene a virtual open-ended informal meeting, open to all delegations

and interested stakeholders, on Thursday, 31 March from 3-6pm EST. Additional details on this meeting will also be shared in due course.