This September, Foreign Policy Analytics in collaboration with Microsoft, launched a compendium of multistakeholder opinion pieces by leading thinkers about the creation of an international framework for peace, security and cooperation in the cyber world. “Securing our Digital Future” convenes the world’s foremost authorities on cybersecurity and geo-politics to assess and explain, in an interactive and digestible format, how the international community can achieve cooperation, peace and security in cyberspace. Representatives from civil society, academia, industry, national governments, and the international community explain the real-life threats that cyberattacks have on our lives and explore why a new domain demands new rules to ensure responsible behavior in cyberspace. The thought-leaders also explore the real obstacle on the road to achieving a global strategy for a rules-based order in cyberspace: the need to surmount geopolitics. Find out more and read these thought-provoking calls for action at